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Terms and conditions is a site for finding and booking experiences on Sunnmøre. The website is owned and operated by Opplev Runde AS.

This document must be read before buying tickets and other services at When registering several participants, you must ensure that everyone reads and follows the requirements / conditions listed on the activity's page. When paying for tickets organized by v. Opplev Runde, this agreement is automatically accepted. We therefore recommend that you read this carefully before completing the payment.


Responsibility and co-responsibility

By buying tickets at, you are obliged to follow the guidelines and rules of the specific supplier. Different activities at include different types of risk for accidents and injuries.


The supplier has the overall responsibility for each activity. provides a platform for selling and marketing the activity and cannot be held responsible for accidents and injuries during each activity.


For the supplier to be responsible for safety, all participants must follow the supplier's instructions during the entire activity or services. Contact the supplier directly if you have health problems that may be relevant for the supplier to know about.


Terms and conditions for the purchase of activity

When a participant has purchased a ticket or service, the agreement between at Opplev Runde and the participant has been concluded.

What is included in the price is specified in the description of each individual activity or service. by Opplev Runde AS does not offer cancellation protection, travel or accident insurance.

Obligations during the activity or service

Participants who take part in activities or use services purchased at Hivens are obliged to follow the supplier's instructions. If this is not adhered to, the supplier can end the activity or cancel the services and the agreement between Hivens and the participant will be terminated.

Refund of a ticket for an activity or service

Refund rules appear from the description of each individual activity or service.



The supplier can cancel a trip at any time if the number of participants is not met in relation to what is set as a requirement in the description of the activity. The supplier is obliged to provide information about this as soon as possible, and participants will be refunded the paid amount.

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